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November 10, 2017


Bernd Gerstenberger

Yes, this is exactly the behavior, which I have logged to development department...

M Lepson

Thank you for the reply. However, what I meant was that previous to this update, removing a drawing from the project kept the file in it's original folder and it was easy to remove or add back drawings as needed. Now however, removing it deletes it from it's folder, renames it, and puts it in the project recycle bin. To add it back takes a lot more effort.

Bernd Gerstenberger

You are right. I can reproduce this behavior and have logged it to our development department. For now, look if you will find a bak-file in this folder. Rename bak to dwg to get it back. Other alternative might be to restore the file via volume shadow copies if enabled for your drive.

M Lepson

2018.1.1 changed what happens when a drawing is removed from the project. I DO NOT want the file to be deleted from it's current folder. How do I revert back to the previous behavior???

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