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March 01, 2017


damian willcox

Hi Steen, thanks a lot for the additional feedback.

We appreciate your honesty and your support, it means a lot.

Yes, we definitely do need to improve on the external appearance and marketing fronts, and are looking into this.

thank you again for the response - the team is listening,

Steen Wacher


You are right Carsten. Autodesk Plant team is quite invisible and the fact that Plant is not even represented in Berlin OTx worries me a bit. Where are we going - where is the strategy - hat to tell our customer - Where to get trained. your support is great, the product is great - but as sales executive and Plant Business Manager at NTI I am quite alone.

damian willcox

Hi Carsten,

You are right.

Although we had a number of people at AU, we need to do better at having the external appearance & marketing better reflect the dedication and commitment the team has internally.

Thanks for the honest feedback, it's very much appreciated.

(no shooting) :)


Carsten Beinecke

Hi Emile,

It isn't just about the features.

At AU 2016 in Las Vegas there wasn't a Plant Booth by Autodesk. Also not a lot of Autodesk Plant people at AU. AU in Germany had just one Plant class, held by Bernd. At the upcoming OTx in Berlin, there won't be any classes either. I don't know about the current OTC in Las Vegas.

So from the outside it looks like Autodesk isn't very commited to its product.

Again, I don't talk about features or upcoming technologies.

Please don't shoot me. I am just the messenger ;-)

If you need some more details, you know how to reach me.



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