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September 25, 2007



Plz, give me some information about P&ID process, related materials.

I'm beginner of this part.

Plz, I'll pray for U.

Scott Sheppard

Right now there is a wave of activity for Autodesk University 2007. After that, we will consider this for a future release. Supporting non-vanilla AutoCADs is a highly requested feature.

Hugh Compton

Is there a ShareNow button for ACA / MEP coming out?

Scott Sheppard

There are actually two Freewheels in the world:

1. Autodesk Freewheel is available at http://freewheel.autodesk.com. It is the production version of the service.

2. The other Freewheel is Project Freewheel. It is available at http://freewheel.labs.autodesk.com. The extra .labs in the URL makes a big difference.

The collaboration feature is something we are getting customer feedback on via Project Freewheel on Autodesk Labs. Collaboration is not part of Autodesk Freewheel. The 3D/2D ShareNow utility publishes to Project Freewheel.

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