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    September 24, 2007


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    Plz, give me some information about P&ID process, related materials.

    I'm beginner of this part.

    Plz, I'll pray for U.

    Scott Sheppard

    Right now there is a wave of activity for Autodesk University 2007. After that, we will consider this for a future release. Supporting non-vanilla AutoCADs is a highly requested feature.

    Hugh Compton

    Is there a ShareNow button for ACA / MEP coming out?

    Scott Sheppard

    There are actually two Freewheels in the world:

    1. Autodesk Freewheel is available at It is the production version of the service.

    2. The other Freewheel is Project Freewheel. It is available at The extra .labs in the URL makes a big difference.

    The collaboration feature is something we are getting customer feedback on via Project Freewheel on Autodesk Labs. Collaboration is not part of Autodesk Freewheel. The 3D/2D ShareNow utility publishes to Project Freewheel.

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